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The Executive Committee of ISDCM shall be responsible for providing policy decisions on the overall management. The staff members under the leadership of the executive Director shall be responsible for implementation of the decisions of the Executive Committee. The Executive Director shall be accountable to lthe Executive Committee for all his/her activities. All other staff recruited for ISDCM shall be accountable and responsible to the Executive Director through next vertical hierarchy as when decided by the Executive Committee.

  Job Description of Staff
There shall be job description for each staff member. The job descriptions shall be prepared by the supervisors of each post and Okayed by the Executive Director. The Executive Director shall place the job descriptions for approval of the Executive Committee the job descriptions shall be complied with. The job descriptions shall not be a rigid documents rather it shall be flexible and subject ot change with the inclusion or exclusion of based on experiences.
  Creation of Post(s)
  Any post shall be created with the approval of the Executive Committee and on the basis of job description duly approved by the Executive Committee.
  Recruitment Policy
  The Executive Committee shall constitute an O & M (Organization and Management) Sub-committee from time to time which shall recommend qualifications and experiences of a particular post or posts.
  Gender Balance
In case of recruitment against all vacant posts and newly created post(s) at least 40% female shall be recruited for which the Executive Committee could relax length of experiences and qualifications. There bas been wide gap in gender balance which shall be reduced through gradual process over the period of five/six years.
  Special Facilities for Female Staff
Special arrangements shall be made for female staff in respect of sitting, toilets etc. within the availability facilities. All care shall be taken not to keep them in office work at odd hours expect on special circumstances and on permission of the Head of Office. In such case(s) organization shall arrange special transportation for female staff.
ISDCM does not have any special policy on leave but it follows the government rule on leave. This policy shall continue and maternity leave especially for female staff shall be followed as per government rule.
  Salary and Allowances for the Staff
ISDCM has established Pay Scales for its regular staff members according to Government Salary structure and this shall continue until further order. However, the salary and allowances for the project staff shall continue as per budget provisions of the respective projects as have been followed till to-date. The Salary and allowances of the staff both regular and project shall be subject to review and re-fixation by the Executive Committee of ISDCM from time to time.
Other Incentives of the Staff Members
Performance of each staff member shall be evaluated by the Supervisor annually which shall be countersigned by second supervisor. On the basis of outstanding performance the Executive may recommend extra financial incentives for any staff in terms of one or more than one annual increment of the staff concerned.
Control and supervision of Staff
Immediate supervisor of a particular post shall regularly supervise the activities of each staff and he/she shall guide the staff for better performance in case of necessity. In case of any default or offence committed by any staff the immediate supervisor shall report ot the second supervisor and the second supervisor shall call for explanation from the staff concerned and his/her explanations shall be forwarded to the Executive Director with comments. The Executive Director then, shall review for necessary action.
In case of minor offense the Executive Director shall issue warning and in case of serious offense he shall process for drawing proceedings. However, in case of suspension and dismissal of a staff the approval of the Executive Committee shall be obtained.
  Appeal Committee
An appeal committee consisting of President & Vice President shall be constituted. In case of any case of suspension and dismissal, the aggrieved staff shall be allowed to file and appeal for re-instatement. The decision of the appeal committee shall be final in the matter.
Promotion of staff shall be considered against available vacant post(s). In case of promotion of any staff, seniority cum merit shall be the prime basis. For any promotable post the incumbent of the next lower post shall be considered and if there is no existence of any such lower post, the incumbent of the next lower post shall be considered for promotion. Promotion committee shall be constituted for each promotable post(s).
Any staff member committing any financial defalcation, forgery, serious negligence of duties, misbehave with supervisor(s), colleagues, and not performing as per expectation shall be liable for disciplinary action(s) as per provision 2 of these guidelines.
Transparency and Accountability:
There shall be regular review of programme at least once in a month where all existing programme shall be discussed, problems identified and adjustments suggested. such review meetings shall be participated by the project staff and admin. & Finance staff under the Chairmanship of the Executive Director/ Project Director.
Review of Programme by the Executive Committee
Once in a quarter the Executive Committee shall review the programme, budget and expenditure and shall provide guidance whenever necessary.
Internal Audit
In addition to annual audit of accounts by the appointed external auditor the internal committee consisting of the Treasurer and another Executive Committee member nominated by the Executive Committee shall audit the accounts and the financial procedures at least twice in a year. This committee shall also submit its report to the general secretary with a copy to the president of the Executive Committee. The General Secretary and the President if deem it necessary shall discuss these reports at the Executive committee.
Aproval of Projects
Any project submitted for assistance of any internal or external agencies shall have to be first approved by the Executive Committee and then shall be submitted to those agencies for assistance.
Annual Activities, Budget and Audit Reports
Annual activities, budget and audit reports shall be placed to the general body of ISDCM for its approval in annual general meeting held once in a year. If necessary, such meeting shall be held more than once in a year or a special general meeting shall be called to approve the annual activities, budget and audit reports. The Executive Committee shall be accountable to the general body for all these activities and the decision(s) given in such meeting shall be mandatory for implementation


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Non-Discrimination :All children are entitled to enjoy the rights set out in the Convention without discrimination on the basis of Gender, Economic status, Religion, Language, ethic, Origin, Colour, Disability or birth,

The best interests of the child : Parents, parliament, the courts and the relevant authorities must all be guided by the best interest of the child or children concerned in any action relating to children.

Parents’ responsibilities in up holding children’s rights: Parents have a responsibility to give appropriate guidance to the children about exercising their rights under the Convention.

Respect for the views of the child : Children who are old enough to form their own views have the right to express them freely in all matters affecting them. The importance given to child’s views will defend on his or her age and maturity.



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