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Manikganj Sadar, Homna and Damurhuda Upazila. June 2005 – December 2005

Cost of Project :
BD. Tk. 3,898,542.00


Introduction / Background : Access to safe water is one of the important determinants and accordingly different Arsenic free water options were constructed at the community level under DPHE-UNICEF Action Research Community Based Arsenic Mitigation Project. Damurhuda is one of the Upazilas out of 19 Upazilas under this project. GOB-UNICEF Arsenic Mitigation project also has been implemented for this upazila for the last 3 years. In order to sustain the project activities greater emphasis was given on the community efforts. But options installed and activities carried out did not produce the desired results. Now it has become imperative to assess the situation and sort out the best options and from the ones less effective and also those which totally failed. The lessons have been learnt and the real picture is now in front of us for further necessary action. A lot of money has been spent for the project and UNICEF-DPHE felt that a follow-up project had to be made and implemented on the basis of project activities, field situation and from the lessons learnt. The project was designed by ISDCM as an implementing agency which was approved by DPHE and funded by UNICEF.  

Objectives of the Project:

  1. To make the community management system effective for operation and maintenance of water options installed.
  2. To keep the safe water options running in order to ensure arsenic free water
  3. Piloting Water Safety Plan (WSP)
  4. Monitoring Water Quality


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Title of Project:
Post implementation Follow up Project of Community Based Safe Water Supply and Arsenic Mitigation Project in Homna Upazila of Comilla, Damurhuda of Chuadanga and Sadar of Manikganj districts.