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The most significant thing of the FERP is the involvement of the community into action. This could be done through communication interventions.

The people had to be educated within the flood-prone area to enable them to take appropriate measures such as:

Tubewells were sunk and dustbins were provided by local DPHE and also community latrines constructed by both DPHE and ISDCM. Knowledge of use of TWs latrines and dustbins were imparted by ISDCM. ISDCM also formed different committees for each facility and provided knowledge for the operation and maintenance of each activity.

Project Objectives: •  To educate the people within the flood-prone areas to enable to take appropriate measures and practice proper sanitary & hygienic methods themselves to tackle problems caused by flood;

  • Post-flood prevention of water borne and sanitation related diseases;
  • Demand creation among the affected people for ensuring sustainable community water and sanitation service during future flood; and
  • Enrolling the people in planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of the community facilities.

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Donor & Agreement:

UNICEF, UNICEF Agreement UNICEF/PCA/2005/046 (Addm#01)

Area & Duration :

30 Upazila of 5 Districts – Jessor, Jhenaidah, Manikganj, Netrakona and Gaibandah. August 2005 – March 2006

Cost of Project :
BD. TK. 3,571,000.00


Background: Natural calamities especially flood has been occurring very frequently in Bangladesh . Re-visit of flood is so short and to surmount its occurrence by the affected people is also beyond their means. They are simply helpless. Keeping this situation in mind ‘Flood Emergency Response Project' needs to be designed and planned for implementation. Obviously the project itself is highly urgent in nature and it also needs very sincere, honest and professional handling. It is a project that needs to be prepared to lesson the sufferings of the affected people, the majority of whom is poor, illiterate and down-trodden in rural situation. There is a lot of scope for preparing the people to boldly face flood emergency and with full knowledge of the magnitude of problems that may emerge when the flood is on and even after flood water begins to recede. It involves disaster preparedness for the entire society to face the emergency when the flood is on and also what needs to be done during post-flood situation. The most important factor of the project is the total involvement of the community. Each and every member is a target of this project. This must be clearly understood by both the community and all others involved and work accordingly as a team.

Naturally when flood emergency occurs, the entire population of the area – rich and poor, men and women, young and old and children suffer alike. No one can escape it. It is because of the total suffering everybody will be eager to come together to work in a spirit of cooperation and commitment. What is basically needed is a clear-cut guideline to workout a way to create an environment to help each other in flood emergency.


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Title of Project:
Flood Emergency Response Project was undertaken by the consequence of 2004 devastating flood aiming to address flood preparedness activities to ensure safe water, safe sanitation, health education, community mobilization in 30 Upazilas of 5 districts.