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Name of the Village : Ujirpur
Union : Damurhuda
Upazila : Damurhuda
District : Chuadanga
Area : 2.50 sq. Kilometers
Population : 4,276 persons
House hold : 835 nos.
Para / Cluster : 9 Paras
Arsenic contamination level of water sources : 89%
Affected Families : 744
Affected Population :: 3,810

FINDINGS OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC SURVEY The survey was conducted with a view to determine the socio-economic status of the population of Ujirpur village of Damurhuda Upazila .

110 Families were selected randomly from 930 families for the survey. The survey findings indicated that many families had to collect drinking water from a distance of 1 km. All the surveyed families were agreed to bear the cost of operation and maintenance if the project implemented.

Actual Services Provided by ISDCM :

 Installed Pipe Line for PWSS
Covered Area: 

Donor & Agreement:

UNICEF, UNICEF/PCA/2004/005 (Amendment)

Area & Duration :

Uzirpur Village of Damurhuda Upazila under Chuadanga Distric, November 2004 – Dec. 2005

Cost of Project :
BD. TK. 3,005,275.00


BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT:Access to a safe water supply is one of the important determinants of development. Keep in mind this messages, in the 1970s in Bangladesh , it was realized that the high population density and lack of access to adequate sanitation have led to severe contamination of surface water with faeces, resulting in high levels of ill health and mortality. Government of Bangladesh and people of Bangladesh , supported by international agencies have since then sank about 10 million hand pump for ‘safe' water. In the mid 90s, 95% of the population had access to ‘safe' water.

1993, hand tubewells water was found to content high levels of arsenic which are harmful for human consumption.

Now, arsenic contamination of ground water has appeared to be a serious public health problem in Bangladesh . It has caused increasing concern due to likely health impacts on a large population inhabiting one of the poorest countries of the world; a population which is mostly rural, and whose life style and livelihood are dominated by the influence of water.

Information available so far on the magnitude of the arsenic problem in Bangladesh is incomplete. More than 95% of the total population of Bangladesh now drinks from underground water sources. Test results so far available (through a small proportion of the estimated 10 million tubewells) suggests water contamination above 0.05 mg / liter in the majority of districts, and some samples have ranged up to 10 times this level. GOB survey tells that 59 districts of 64 districts are affected by high level of arsenic contamination.

Presently, attention is focused more on deeper aquifers along with surface water which is a source of alternative water options available for safe water for the rural people in Bangladesh .

It was decided in the 11 th Progress Review Meeting held on 01/06/03 that ‘Village Pipe Water Supply System' (PWSS) may be tried in 4 upazilas under different conditions by using underground water and surface water as source of raw water as part of R&D under 15 Upazila Arsenic Mitigation Projects. Accordingly, ISDCM came up with a proposal for supply of safe water to all households of Ujirpur village by using ground water source. Water of 2 existing Irrigation Wells was tested from laboratory. Of which 1 TW was found

suitable for the said purpose since all the parameters were found to be within the acceptable limits for human consumption but iron was found to be about 3.5 ppm, not suitable for piped water supply system. Finally it was recommended to use water of the existing irrigation deep tube well as source of raw water but an IRP has to be added with the system to remove excess iron from the raw water. ISDCM revised the proposal and finally the project was approved at a

cost of Tk. 3,005,274 while UNICEF contribution is Tk. 2,346,268 (78.1%), ISDCM contribution Tk. 291,006 (9.7%) and Community contribution is Tk. 368,000 (12.2%). With the finance of UNICEF, ISDCM completed the project in December 2005. SDE DPHE Chuadanga and SAE Damurhuda Upazila provided all necessary technical advice and support during implementation of the project.


To supply safe water to the community which is affordable for drinking and cooking purposes through piped water supply. This project is meant to involve the local government and community to combat the arsenic menace in partnership.


Ujirpur is one of the Arsenic affected villages of Damurhuda Union under Damurhuda Upazila of Chuadanga district. 89% population of this Village is affected by high prevalence of Arsenic. This project is meant to involve the local Government & Community to combat the arsenic menace in partnership. This project covers 7 Paras out of 9.


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Title of Project:
Village Piped Water Supply Action Research project implemented at Ujirpur village of Damurhuda Upazila of Chuadanga district. The project component was included an Iron Removal Plant (IRP of 400 SFT) to ensure arsenic, iron and manganese free water.