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Donor & Agreement:

OBAT Helpers Inc. USA and ISDCM agreement May 2006

Area & Duration :

Syedpur Camp Area under Nilphamary District, Period May 2006 to April 2007.

Cost of Project :
BD.Tk 630,000.00


Introduction:ISDCM started implementation of this project from July 2006 with the assistance of OBAT Helpers Inc. USA. The broad objective of the project is to improve the socio-economic condition of stranded Pakistani population living in camps of Syedpur through income-generation activities.

The main focus of the project is to improve the quality of life of the people living in camps at Syedpur. Because these people are rootless and helpless without any guarantee for permanent settlement anywhere. They have no place to migrate on their own choice. They are human being in distress. The plight of the people who are born in these camps 30 years ago and as well as those who were forced to the camp life at that time is indescribable. These people have been passing their days in extreme inhuman conditions. There has been high level of poverty among these people characterized by low level of literacy, poor health, nutrition and depressing environmental and sanitation condition.

Project duration: The duration of the project is for one year and further course of action will be determined on review of performance at the end of the project period.

Target population: After survey of the families living in one camp (Niamatpur) initially 57 women from 57 families have been selected as target population. The target population will increase through gradual process.

Project Implementation mechanism: field office has been established at Syedpur. A trained and experienced graduate has been placed as Project Officer who is responsible for implementation of the planned activities of the project. A Project Coordinator has been designated who is based in Dhaka office of ISDCM. He coordinates the activities of the project. Monitoring formats have been developed to generate data and information of the project activities through regular review and reporting. Support from local administration and local people has been mobilized to implement the project effectively.

Description of the Project:
a) Organizing poor women and build-up social awareness, orientation on micro-credit operation, group savings and utilization of fund for poverty reduction;
b) Providing skill development training on income generation activities; and
c) Creating awareness on health, hygiene so that they can receive govt. health services for under age children

Actual Service Provided by ISDCM:
1.Base line survey of the camps and assess the socio-economic conditions of camp dwellers
2.  Group formation for income generation
3.  Membership enrolment
4.  Training on project implementation
5.  Training on income generation
6.  Training on Hygiene practice, Total sanitation, Use of safe water and awareness on Govt. Health Services, so that they can receive heath services provided by Govt.

Out Come of Project:
1. Provided Rickshaw / Rickshaw Van – 79 nos.
2. Provided Food Processing Mechanism- 21 persons.
3. Assist to start Small Trade – 32 persons
4. Developed skill on Small Engineering and Manufacturing shop and provided –14 persons.
5. Provided Weaving / Sewing machine–12 nos.
6. Trained 100 women on Water Safety Plan, Hygiene practices and use of safe water from the existing facilities



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Title of Project:
Micro-Finance Project for Poor Women of Syedpur Camp, Syedpur, District Nilphamari is on going project implementing with the financial assistance of OBAT Helpers Inc. USA .