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Donor & Agreement :

OBAT Helpers Inc., USA 5998, Hall Road, Plainfield, IN 46168, USA.

Area & Duration :

Syedpur Pourashava, March 2008 to Feb. 2009.

Agreement :

REF:OH-ISDCM-PROJ-08SP dated 10 Dec. 2007.

Cost of Project :
Cost of Project: BD. TK.4,672,600.00


Description of the Project: This project was extended on the basis of experience gained from the last year’s project with the financial assistance of OBAT Helpers Inc., USA. The implementation period was March 2008 to February 2009. The project attempted to focus on camp dwellers in Syedpur town in northern part of the country where concentration of stranded Pakistani people is very high. They are poor and rootless and no place to live at their own. The vast majority of women of the dwellers are hard core poor and they are struggling for survival. Thus, income generation activities could help the distress women who may create positive impact on their life style by raising social awareness and providing small scale loan to them for poverty reduction. These activities aimed at covering wide range of activities like income generation activities, improving health and nutrition, water and sanitation, environment, child rights and human rights etc.

Immediate Objectives are:  
The main objective of the project was improving the quality of life of the  women of the camps. The project has set some specific goal to bring target women under income generation activities. These are:

a) Organizing poor women and build-up social awareness, orientation on micro-credit operation, group savings and utilization of fund for poverty reduction to meet the PRSP goal;
b) Providing skill development training on income generation activities; and
c) Creating awareness on health, hygiene so that they can receive govt. health services for themselves and the under age children.

ISDCM assisted in following Innovative Activities:

  1. Rickshaw / Rickshaw Van Pulling and Cart-263nos.
  2. Food Processing                              -09 nos.
  3. Small Trade                                               - 694 nos.
  4. Small Engineering & Manufacturing             - 36 nos.
  5.   Hotel business                            - 12 nos.

Out Puts are:.

  1. Root less Poor women organized themselves into functional groups;
  2. Leadership developed among Root Less women through organizational process;
  3. Built up capacity by savings their daily earning and developed their own capital
  4. Sound and stable organizations developed through social bondage and inter personal relationship.
  5. Developed their socio-economic conditions by growing habit of loan repayment. 
  6. Capacity developed to plan for investment in their own production.
  7. Non-formal education, health and hygiene and sanitation training and orientation created a healthy environment of the camp.
  8. Service providers established a linkage with   other traders and marketing


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Title of Project:
Extended Micro-Finance Project for Poor Women in Syedpur, District Nilphamari