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The objectives of the base-line survey were as follows:


The questionnaire were pre-tested before actual administration. Qualified and experienced enumerators were engaged for collection of data. They were trained in techniques of administering the questionnaire through interview and record examination. The works of the enumerators were monitored and supervised by the Research Team Members in order to ensure quality of data. Data so collected were checked and verified at random. The data were processed through Computer data entry programme.

The draft questionnaire for the survey were shared with the authority of DUS-Bangladesh for comments. The questionnaires were finalized incorporating the comments reviewed received.

•  Review of available literature / document : The literature / survey / census reports etc. available on the villages under survey were reviewed for analyzing trend of development on any sector(s).

•  Data collection : The data collection were completed within four weeks. Nine enumerators were engaged in three villages and they were guided by the Members of the Research Team. The Research Team consisting of Mr. Manjur-ul-Alam and Mr. Md. Rezaul Karim, both members of the panel of experts of ISDCM conducted the survey and prepared the report.


The findings of the survey are summarized as below:

In comparison it seems that village Vatirtek is the largest village among the three with average bigger family size with less facilities. In view of the findings of the survey there is scope for initiating development programmes and activities in the areas of (i) women development (ii) creation of employment (iii) accelerating family planning (iv) sanitation and environment (v) awareness creation on family laws, rights of women and children (vi) provision of institutional credit and (vii) development of organizations for the poor etc.


Introduction : This base-line survey was conducted in three villages of Noakhali, Feni and Laxmipur districts under the income-generation through Eco-village project launched by DUS-Bangladesh – an NGO.
This was a total enumeration of the households in these three villages. Structured questionnaire was used supplemented by observations during field visits. The prime objective of the survey was to collect base-line data and information specially on the aspects relevant to the project objectives which could facilitate future planning and impact assessment.

The Objectives:

Donor & Agreement:
DANIDA, DUS – BANGLADESH , Date 19 Sept. 1999
Area & Duration :

Noakhali, Feni and Lashmipur,
Sept.1999 - Feb. 2000

Cost of Project :
BD, Tk. 127,000.00


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Title of Project:
Conducted Base Line Survey of 3 Village of Noakhali, Feni and Lakshmipur of Dus – Bangla ECO-Village Project under income generation activities finance by DANIDA .