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Donor :

OBAT Helpers Inc. 5998, Hall Road,Plainfield, IN, USA

Area :

Rangpur  Pouwashava, Cittagong, Dhaka Khulna City Corporation, Syedpur Pourashava and Mymenshing Purashava.

Agreement :

OBAT Helpers Inc., USA, 5998 Hall Road, Plainfield, IN 46168, USA. Ref:OH-ISDCM-AL-0308,  Dated 02.03.2008

Cost of Project :
Cost of Project: BD. TK 7,980,000


Description of the Project: There are almost three Lacs Rootless and helpless people living in 13 different Cities of Bangladesh without any guarantee for permanent settlement anywhere. They have no place to migrate on their own choice. They are human beings in distress. The plight of the people who were born in these camps 30 years ago and as well as those who were forced to the camp life at that time is indescribable.  People of both the camp generations have identity crisis and they cannot lay any claim to any place as their own. Naturally such people live in great uncertainty and they are in bad shape. They have to depend on the mercy of the people outside the camp. They have been passing their days in extreme inhuman conditions. There has been high level of poverty among these people characterized by low level of literacy, poor health, nutrition, education and depressing environmental and sanitation conditions.

Objectives of the Project: Objectives

  • The overall objective of the project is to convert this population from liability to assets and to improve the quality of their life;
  • To provide Training, Education and self empowerment as a road map to reach the objective;
  • To create awareness and provide health services, Nutrition, Education, Hygiene, Water supply and Sanitation; and
  •   Provide financial assistance to extremely distressed families of the camps, medical treatment and education to the children and adult

Project Activities :

    • Re-construction and repair of water and sewage system
    • Deep set pump for safe drinking water
    • Self empowerment project
    • Charity distribution during special events and Qurbani
    • Provide management of 5 existing schools
    • Three new schools: 1 school in  each year
    • Existing tutoring center
    • One new tutoring center:
    • Rental cost of clinic and pharmacy. Provide medicine and supplies.
    • Construction of community latrines.
    • Technical training center.
    • Three new training centers(one center each year)
    • High school and collage scholarship.                                                                                      

 Actual Service Provided by ISDCM

  • 650 feet long swage and drain has been repaired and re-constructed at Rangpur/Saidpur bihari camp. The drainage and swage system have helped the people of the camps to live in better hygienic and environmental condition. At least 600 families have been benefited.
  • Under this activity 1 deep set pump has been installed in Millat camp, Mirpur, Dhaka. This deep set pump will immensely be benefited the people of the camp. The tube-well is being used by 700 families of the camps.
  • Cash money has been given to 75 poor families of the camp of Dhaka, Rangpur and Chittagong to become self reliant. Taka 10,200 has been given to each family. This financial assistance has been given to 24 families in Dhaka, 26 in Rangpur, 10 families in Khulna and 15 families in Chittagong. Those families have invested the money for various income generation activities which helped improve the quality of life of people of the camps.
  • 720 families have been benefited by Qurbani meat in the camps of Dhaka. Meat has been distributed during Eid-ul Azha. The beneficiaries are lived in Geneva camp, CRO camp, Community Center camp, Town-hall camp and Staff-quarter camp. Beside this food packages has also been distributed to 174 poor families during Eid-ul-Fitr.
  • Qurbani meat has been distributed to 1105 families in various camps of Rangpur town during Eid-ul Azha. In addition to that food packages distributed to 93 hardcore poor families of the camps.
  • Qurbani meat has been distributed to 426 families in various camps of Chittagong town during Eid-ul Azha. In addition to that cash money distributed among 79 hardcore poor families.
  • Similarly Qurbani meat was distributed to 380 families of Khalishpur  and Gilatala camp of Khulna town. Beside this food packages were distributed to 105 hardcore poor families. 
  • 1 Junior School (from Grade VI – VIII) is running at Mohammadpur, Dhaka. 70 students have been enrolled in the school. Seven teachers  engaged in the school on regular basis.
  • 3 primary schools are running at S.B. Nagar, Firojshah and Halishahar of Chittagong. There are 690 students studying in the school. 21 regular teachers are engaged in these schools.
  • One primary school is running in Khulna under this project. Two hundred and sixty students have been enrolled in the school. Eight teachers are working in the school on regular basis.
  •  One new primary school has been established at Rangpur Forwardganj camp. So far 305 students have been enrolled in the school. 8 teachers have been recruited for the school.
  •  1 new kindergarten school has been established at Mohammadpur, Dhaka. One hundred and eighty five students enrolled so far. Nine teachers have been recruited for the school. 
  • 75 children reading in various schools have been enrolled in the tutoring center established in Dhaka for better education. The students are from to junior school and High school of the town. Four teachers have been employed for coaching the students.
  • Similarly 157 High Schools & College students receiving tutoring support from the tutoring Center in Rangpur. 7 teachers are working in the centre.
  • One new tutoring center established at Firoz Shah Camp of Chittagong town. 30 students receiving tutoring support from the tutoring centre. Two persons were engaged as teachers.
  • The patients with various diseases received treatment from RDCCF Road clinic, Rangpur town. The patients received treatment for the diseases like Dysenteries, Peptic Ulcer, Hyper tension, Acute Respiratory infection (ARI) Urinary tract infection. Tuberculosis (TB), Asthma and also treated visited the clinic with other diseases. It is estimated that there were 3840 patients received medical treatment and medicines from this clinic.
  • The community latrines constructed in Bangalipur camp having 4 chambers and 2 urinals. Both men and women of the camps are getting services from the community latrines. For this one sewage chamber having long drainage system and one Water tank constructed for storage of water for the primary school students.
  •  48 women received Handicraft training from the training center at Geneva Camp, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
  • One computer training center established at Dhaka. The youth of different ages of the camps received software and hardware computer program training. So far 92 trainees’ male and female have received computer training. 
  • The stipend has been given to 49 students of Junior high school, High school and colleges. They received regular educational assistance under this program. The students lived in different camps of Dhaka town.
  • 76 students of High School & College have been benefited by the scholarship. 47 students have been given scholarship only once a year. These students are living in different camps of Rangpur town.
  • 14 students of Junior high school, High school and college have been benefited by regular education scholarship under this project in Chittagong.
  • 11 students of Junior high school, High school and college have been benefited by the scholarship from this project in Khulna town.



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Title of Project:
Family Development for Destitute and Development Families Living in Different Camps of Rangpur Pouwashava, Cittagong, Dhaka Khulna City orporation, Syedpur Pourashava and Mymenshing Purashava.