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Donor :

OBAT Helpers Inc. 5998, Hall Road, P lainfield, IN, USA.

Area :

Syedpur,  Rangpur and Admjee  Pourashava

Agreement :

OBAT Helpers Inc., USA, 5998 Hall Road, Plainfield, IN 46168, USA Ref: OH-ISDCM/LS 0808 dated 6.8.20008

Cost of Project :
Cost of Project: BD. TK 7,980,000


Description of the Project: There are estimated 5000 families living in Rangpur camps and 2500 families in Geneva camp. Due to poverty stricken by price hike of essential commodities the ISDCM has prepared a project to provide temporary supply of food packages to extremely needy families and for their children. These families do not have proper accommodation, sanitation, water supply and health care facilities. Considering the situation ISDCM has pursued with donor OBAT Helpers Inc. to support these rootless people. Accordingly the project has been prepared and submitted to OBAT Helper’s Inc. USA

  • The overall objective of the project was to improve the quality of life;
  • To create awareness and provide health services, Nutrition, Education, Hygiene, Water supply and Sanitation.


Actual Service Provided by ISDCM:
There were 9000 families living in the camps of Rangpur and in Geneva camp Dhaka. Out of total families 2000 families provided with essential commodities. The food stuff packages  distributed to 1000 families in the camps of Rangpur and 1000 packages to the families of Geneva camp of Dhaka metropolitan city. The selection of beneficiaries was made on the basis of livelihood condition. The following food stuffs had been distributed to each family: 1. Rice 30 kg.; 2. Wheat 15 kg.; 3. Edible oil 4 liters;4. Potatoes 10 kg.;5. Sugar 5 kg.  6. Pulses 4 kg. 7. Shakti Curd for malnourished children,  8. Meat-5kg. The cost of the food packages had been fixed at Tk 4,500/- The packages of food were given to 2000 families which cost comes Tk.9,000,000(Ninety lac) only.

Anticipated out come of the project:

  1. 2000 Root Less families / Camp Dwellers of Dhaka and Rangpur were helped and rescued from their distress and helpless situation and improved their quality of daily life style.
  2. The under age malnourished children and families of these camps had been given improved diet and nutrition to safe the future generation. 
  3.  The extremely distressed families in these camps were helped with financial assistance in terms of package of food stuffs



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Title of Project:
Livelihood Support to the Destitute and Displaced Mother and
       Children Sub Human Condition in Different Camps at Syedpur,  Rangpur and Admjee.